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Automic Version12.2 - Can it work with Active Data Guard ?

Hello We are upgrading our engine to ver 12.2 to work on on Linux and with Oracle (from Windows ans MSSQL). on MSSQL we use high availability and it very important to us to keep the high availability with oracle too. We finish all the migration and tested today a failover between the DBs, when...

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Move Files From Windows Server to Unix Server via scripting

Hi All, I have an requirement to move a text file from Windows server (UC4 Agent installed) to an Unix server in which the UC4 agent is not installed. Is it possible to achieve this scenario using any UC4 or Unix scripting? If so kindly suggest some ideas. #caautomicworkloadautomation #uc4 ...

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Alert Notification for a workflow which is in 'Waiting for Sync' State

Hi All, Is there a anyway to get a alert / mail notification whenever a workflow goes into Waiting for Sync state. or an alert in workflow level if it hasn't started by a particular time which is getting loaded from an Event object. #automicwork #uc4 #automationscript #caautomic ...