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Move Files From Windows Server to Unix Server via scripting

Hi All, I have an requirement to move a text file from Windows server (UC4 Agent installed) to an Unix server in which the UC4 agent is not installed. Is it possible to achieve this scenario using any UC4 or Unix scripting? If so kindly suggest some ideas. #caautomicworkloadautomation #uc4 ...

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Re: Unable to sign on using rally addin

Hello Abhinav, Please be advised that we have an open case for this issue and you were contacted via email yesterday therefore let's continue working on this matter via the case and please do supply us with information required in order to investigate this issue further. Kind Regards, Piotr...

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Is there any option to pull all the threshold details for the deployed probes in an environment ?

We have around 90+ customers in our environment. Some of them are requesting us for the threshold details. It is hard to do it manually. Tried Probe configuration report but it has limited number of probes(cdm,ntevl,ntpref,ntservices,processes). We are unable to take the DB, Network, URL...

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CA UIM Chat Support Available 

CA UIM #caunifiedinfrastructuremanager(nimsoftmonitor) is now part of the #chatsupport family! Entitled customers can chat through their Sev 3 & 4 support questions without ever picking up a phone. Just navigate to open a support ticket as usual, select your product and click "Chat" instead...

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50,000+ Support Articles at your Disposal | Did you know there were over 50,000 #knowledgebase articles written by #support engineers for users of all CA products? Studies show over 70% of software users want to find support remedies on their own. That's why each CA Support Engineer is dedicated to creating...