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Re: CA Process Automation requires CA EEM?

Automation - 4.3 - CA Technologies Documentation

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Unable Login ITPAM console

Automation: Increase logging levels, fi - CA

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RE: PAM url not working

Hi Aamir, The KB article numbers have changed since the Broadcom takeover. Please use the below thread authored by Kyle to find the new link of a KB article using the old KB ref:

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PAM url not working

Dear Broadcom Im unable to open below PAM urls. Earlier it was working before acquiring by Broadcom. Please help #ca sdm 17.1 #capamupgrades #processautomation4.3.02 ​​​

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Re: How do you create a Value map array process variable?

#valuemaparray , #caprocessautomation4.3 Hi Grant, The way I solve this is actually funny. Process . valueMapArray = new Array ( newValueMap ( ) ) ; This will create the array that you want, but with one item (the newValueMap()), so you just follow it with a shift() or pop() Process ....