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[Webcast] What's New in Clarity PPM 15.7 – September 19, 2019 @12 p.m. ET

What's New in Clarity PPM 15.7 Don't miss this overview of the latest features in the Clarity PPM 15.7 release. Product management will show you the new task timelines with drag-and-drop scheduling, powerful filtering capabilities, team planning and tracking and much more. When it's time,...

 09-19-2019 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

[Webcast] Financial Management: Modern Budgets – August 15, 2019 @12 p.m. ET

Financial Management: Modern Budgets With the move toward agile planning and execution, finance needs to manage capital and operational expenditures across self-organizing team spread all over the world in near real time. As plans evolve, it's hard to keep track of what's going on and what...

 08-15-2019 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

[Webcast] Resource Management: Balanced Teams – July 18, 2019 @12 p.m. ET

Resource Management: Balanced Teams Juggling staff takes more than a spreadsheet. Finding the right team with the right skills and availability, splitting assignments between multiple people, tracking capacity in real time - resource management is part science and part art. To help you find a...

 07-18-2019 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

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CA PPM 15.3 - GEL SCRIPT - parsing xml variable

Hello everyone, I can not find a way to deal with the different labels of a XML structure. After executing an #cappmnsql query sb ctrl carga horas : <!-- Generation xog--> < gel: parse var = " xmlQuery " > < q: Query xmlns: q = " " ...

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PPM New UX Status Report not updating

I am working with the #cappmnewux in 15.4.1 and I have created a project, assigned a resource to the tasks from a template through the resourcing and also submitted and posted a timesheet. The project has actuals as shown with this screenshot When I go and create a status report, I can see...

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Re: How to Rename Task Board Default Headers

The current design allows the user to change the column headers on an individual project. We are aware that your idea has value to allow the user to define the headers at higher level such as setting it up in a template or blueprint level and we would like to hear more about the use cases that...

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Re: Clarity Job - Delete Projects

Hello Slovak, Can you please show the script you used to delete the projects? How do you use the script in your environment? Thanks 4 the info you can give. Carlos Ramirez. #ppmjobs #ppmprojects