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#[Fixed Defects] for May 10, 2017

DE32435 - Custom Date field time stamp in QDP does not match EDP/TPS DE34106 - QDP allows disabled users to be assigned as owners to Work Items DE33982 - "Visible" column label changed to "Hidden" in Project Fields section DE31338 - On the ISP and custom lists, after the first inline edit to change Project name, type ahead on the Project filter doesn't work properly on subsequent rows DE32509 - isOnSSOExceptionList field is missing from Users page, erroring DE33973 - Choose Test Cases, Filter by Folder does not work DE33503 - Unable to save New Iteration and no identified reasons given DE33394 - Iterations not visible on Team Planning page CA Agile Central Subscription Admins #qdp #iterationstatuspage(isp) #sso #testcases #teamplanning

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#[Fixed Defects] for this week!

DE29849 - "Welcome to Agile Central" Jumbotron showing on dashboard and can't be closed DE29107 - Administrators are able to enable 1 user more than paid seat count if enabling user in-line DE28577 - From Quality - Test Cases, users who are Viewers in a child project can import test cases to a defect in that project if they're an Editor in the parent project DE29832 - The button to confirm deleting a tag is missing in Firefox and hardly there in Chrome DE29421 - Iteration Status Page (ISP) is inconsistent in showing Planned Velocity and Plan EST when using decimal points DE29557 - Yellow error screen is received when printing a Release report #jumbotron #testcases #iterationstatuspage(isp) CA Agile Central Subscription Admins

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#[Fixed Defects] for January 25, 2017

DE30859 - Flowdock conversation is superimposed over a defect discussion, disabling functionality on entire page DE30666 - Unable to search for Test Folders from Test Sets where result count > 10 DE28550 - Project administrators see Edit and Delete options on shared pages where projects were added individually DE31065 - Planned Velocity Chart on the Banner on Iteration Status page shows nan when Planned Velocity over 999 DE29803 - Milestone Burnup shows NaN as Story point count DE24357 - query on PI/Feature by UserStories.Milestones or UserStories.Children returns could not read all instances of class com.f4tech.slm.domain.PortfolioItem #testcases #iterationstatuspage(isp) #milestones CA Agile Central Subscription Admins #flowdock

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Why isn't the Owner displayed correctly on the Iterations page anymore?

Within the last couple of weeks the Iterations page has been displaying '[object Object]' (instead of the owner) for any results that have been entered