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Federation Partnership changes breaking WAMUI

Hi all, We lately started facing a peculiar issue where every time we make a change or try to create a new federation partnership, the Admin UI crashes with a error " Error: Error happened when modifying new partnership ****** " "Error saving partnership"

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New format for Privileged Access Manager learning path

CA Application Performance Management CA Project and Portfolio Management CA Unified Infrastructure Management CA Privileged Access Manager We also want to hear directly from you

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Spell MAcro for Request workflow task.

When an end user initiate a request, he/she select their Manager and save the ticket. WOrkflow task assignee field populates based on Manager field selection by end user

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RE: workflow task based on available & not available

If you change the Category as solution, take in attention the delete null properties and keep tasks options on Options Manager

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RE: Spell MAcro for Request workflow task.

Task 1 -> Approve by group member Task 2 -> This task has custom field name Manager (attribute: z manager [srel - > agt (analyst) ] in cr wf object Group member will select Manager Field and then approve the task. Task 3 -> This task should have the assignee = Manager field selected in Task 2 So on Pending status of Task 3, can you advise with action macro which will work like this.?

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RE: restrict approver to approve the task,

Validation Status: Validated Status: Published Created Time: 21-03-2018 19:35 Products: CA IT Asset Manager , CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM) , ASSET PORTFOLIO MGMT- SERVER , SUPPORT AUTOMATION- SERVER , CA Service Desk Manager - Unified Self Service , KNOWLEDGE TOOLS , CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management , CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager Search Summary: This document explains how to create a Data Partition Constraint which allows the logged-in user to update a Workflow task under specific conditions

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CA UIM Integration With LDAP

Focus Search - However i could see that Set Account link button is Grayed out in Manage ACL option in #unitifiedinfrastructuremanager Manager