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 "State" Field in iteration timebox

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Vidhya Anand posted Aug 28, 2023 03:59 PM

When I navigate to an iteration timebox screen in Rally using Plan --> Timeboxes --> Iteration name, I see a field called "State". It contains some values such as Planning, Committed and Accepted. Does anyone know how this field is meant to work? Is it an automatic field that changes when the iteration begins? Also, when it is set to Committed state, is the data from the iteration captured somewhere in a report in Rally to compare it later against the sprint's outcome? Thank you. 

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Broadcom Employee Charles Bedekovich

The State field does not get set automatically. The intent is to indicate which Iteration is in Progress (where the team has Committed to a body of work) which Iterations are being Planned for some future work, and which Iterations have had the work Accepted. These values are set manually. 

If an Iteration is in the Accepted State no additional work can be added to it, and in most cases Accepted Iterations will not show up in dropdown selectors for work items, although they can still be viewed, reported on, etc.

You could look at something like the Iteration Scope Change app to see if work is being added or removed during the Iteration, and the metrics on the Iteration Status and Team Board pages show the progress of delivered versus planned work.