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 Splunk open telemetry agent installation in Layer 7 API Gateway CentOS based appliances

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Abhishek_Bose posted Sep 08, 2022 11:53 AM
Hello Team,

Wanted to check with the community if anyone has any experience installation Splunk open telemetry agent for setting up monitoring via Splunk at enterprise level. We're currently in the poc phase wherein we're trying to use Splunk for basic OS level monitoring for our API gateway appliances. We're running into an error while trying to do so. Based on the error and script that we're using to install the splunk agent the issue seems to be that yum is not supported in these appliances.

We're checking to see if anyone has any feedback or suggestion.

Abhishek Bose
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David Armistead
We used rpm to install the Splunk forwarder on our 10.1 appliances, for example "rpm -i SpunkForwarder.rpm"