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 Global variable no longer allowed in v12.1 notification_emailaddress

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Colin Norenberg posted Sep 07, 2023 03:38 PM

In versions prior to v12.1 a global variable was allowable as a notification_emailaddress value when editing a job through Quick Edit.  (It comes in quite handy when a common set of recipients changes, or when having different recipients for different environments.)

However, now the v12.1 Quick Edit does no longer allows global variables to be entered.  In fact, we can no longer make changes to jobs that already use this global variable unless we first remove it.

We've checked and it is still allowed when making this change via command script (i.e., jil -V batch).  Also the jobs already having this still run and correctly send emails to the addresses in the global variable.

Has this functionality been removed by design?  Or is this a bug with the new version of Quick Edit?


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Jeff Goodall

Commenting to follow. I hope this gets solved. I haven't upgraded to 12.1 yet, but would hate to lose this when I do.

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Broadcom Employee Nitin Pandey

Hello Colin,

I am part of AutoSys team. We did not depreciate any functionality related to notification_emailaddress global variable attribute. This seems to be a gap. Please open a ticket so we can analyze it further and take corrective measure based on the findings.   


Nitin Pandey