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DocOps is moving to new tool for authentication and single sign-on

Effective July 19, 2019:

DocOps is moving to new tool for authentication and single sign-on. You can now seamlessly use your Broadcom login on CA Docops in the same way as on the other Broadcom sites, such as support. Most of our content is available for anonymous access and hence does not require you to login. Login is only required for limited confidential content and PDF downloads. Refer to your customer email for your new Broadcom login that replaced your CA login or register for a new one here

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  • RE: Portal Sync API high CPU


    OK, so partly answering my own question here. https://ca-broadcomcsm.wolkenservicedesk.com/wolken/esd/knowledgebase_search?articleId=137191 However, I'd like to know if anyone here has had the same issue. ...

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    Hi Amit, No I am not aware of exporting action pack from nolio-nexus repository and that is not a valid ask also. Whatever action pack you import in CA-RA will be automatically sync with Nolio-Nexus repository. ...

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It's difficult to get much further into this conversation without discussing who the product manager ...

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​As a DBA I think it would be useful to enhance the SQL Update Statistics utility to allow statistics ...
In v12.3 of UC4, the Service Manager updates the encrypted passwords using the CAPKI.  Currently, there ...
The goal is to export the data to feed into our SIEM solution, and based on the documentation I believe ...

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