WEBCAST: ONUG Presents - Transform Customer Experience: AIOps from Broadcom for SD-WAN and Hybrid Mu

When:  Oct 22, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  DX NetOps
WEBCAST: ONUG Presents - Transform Customer Experience: AIOps from Broadcom for SD-WAN and Hybrid Multi-Cloud
Tuesday, October 22nd, 1pm EST

The highly complex nature of today’s modern hybrid IT architectures continue to present increasing challenges for teams relying on traditional, siloed or domain-specific monitoring approaches to deliver a reliable digital experience. With these disparate tools, it will remain extremely difficult and time consuming for teams to establish integrated, end-to-end service monitoring, efficient root cause determination and actionable intelligence that drives automated triage.

Join us in this session as we showcase AIOps from Broadcom for SD-WAN and Hybrid Multi-Cloud. Learn how our solution breaks down these monitoring silos by enabling advanced service-centric analytics and automation across applications, infrastructure, and networks. Our industry-recognized AIOps solution is built on an open data lake with applied AI and ML that delivers Full Stack Observability, Service Driven Business Intelligence, Smarter Insights from Algorithmic Root Cause Analysis, Intelligent Automation and Proactive Remediation. We are excited to demonstrate how applied AIOps can help you use Business Service KPIs to track the overall health of your infrastructure, identify potential outages and gain insights and suggestions on probable root cause for automated remediation; with targeted visibility down to the packet-level for one-of-a-kind advanced network analytics and automated remediation.

Learn How Applied AIOps from Broadcom Can Enable You to:
  1. Identify potential customer experience outages with easy, intelligent AIOps insights
  2. Use Business Service KPIs to track the overall health of your infrastructure
  3. Realize faster network triage times with Alarm Noise Reduction and Anomaly Detection
  4. Realize self-healing capabilities through automated remediation via algorithmic root case analysis
  5. Gain targeted visibility in mili-seconds down to the packet-level powered by Broadcom Silicon
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