Data Driven Intelligence with the New Smart Cumulative Flow Diagram (Advanced)

When:  Dec 13, 2022 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Rally Software
Rally's new Smart Cumulative Flow Diagram takes Agile analytics to the next level by adding pattern sensing and guidance to the Team Cumulative Flow Diagram. These new 'smart' capabilities provide insights to recurring patterns that can be challenging to detect with the naked eye. Identifying these patterns and reading through the guidance can help teams identify action items for improvement. This session will introduce the future of Rally's unique data driven intelligence approach. Join us for part five of a series of instructional webinars themed Best Practices to Unlock Excellence with Agile Analytics. The purpose of this series is to improve planning, tracking and forecasting by demystifying common agile metrics and providing practical knowledge so that teams are empowered to identify actions for continuous improvement. This webinar follows Part one: How To Interpret Data from Burnup/Burndown Part two: How To Interpret Data from Cumulative Flow Diagram Part three: How to Interpret Data from Throughput and Cycle Time Part four: How to Interpret Data from Rally Insights Framework (Advanced Material)