Voice of the Customer: Sneak Peek into Upcoming Enhancements for Node.js and PHP Application Monitor

When:  Sep 7, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate work being done in development to enhance the end-to-end visualization of the environment from the browser to the Node js or PHP applications to ensure the optimal end-user experience. These enhancements will help the DX App Experience Analytics and DX APM users triage faster by getting all the pieces correlated end-to-end. From DX App Experience Analytics, users will be able to drill down DX APM and visualize the isolated trace. As work-in-progress, we look forward to your feedback.

There is no password for attendees.


The Broadcom AIOps team for our APM, infrastructure monitoring, network operations and operational intelligence solutions has a program that creates an open line of communications with our customers.

Voice of the Customer: AIOps Office Hours Is designed for you to provide feedback on specific topics as well as pose random questions. We often start with a brief topic, solicit your feedback and questions, and then open lines for a two-way conversation.

These sessions are for you to share your voice with various groups at Broadcom that are integral to the partnership we strive to build on each day, such as:

  • Product Management
  • Development
  • Support
  • Services

We will encourage constructive input on the trajectory for our solutions and the innovations we believe will add more value, help you solve your digital transformation challenges, and deliver on your IT and business goals and objectives.

The sessions will not replace regular communications with Broadcom, including the following:

  • Ticket reviews
  • Escalations
  • Regular roadmap sessions
  • Ideation review

While enhancement requests will be recorded, no commitments for future delivery will be provided in these sessions.

To register, see the schedule of sessions and download calendar invites as appropriate, click on More Information below.