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  • 1.  View MSSQLServer metrics using stored procedure

    Posted Oct 20, 2023 08:43 AM

    Hi Team

    We have a requirement to query a database table to return a single value using a stored procedure.

    We have on-prem installation version 23.1

    Below is the only documentation I could find

    SQL Server Monitoring Metrics

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    SQL Server Monitoring Metrics
    This section lists all the metrics for the respective Monitored Groups that you can collect using SQL Server in the In the , the SQL Server instance is displayed under the folder, *SuperDomain*||Infrastructure|Agent|SQL Server Databases| | as follows: SQL Server Cluster Metrics To view the SQL Server Cluster metrics, you need to enable the SQL Cluster Metrics in DX APM.
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    Your assistance will be appreciated


  • 2.  RE: View MSSQLServer metrics using stored procedure

    Posted Oct 22, 2023 09:06 PM

    Hello Klaus,

    I think you need to develop a script in perl, php or java to execute the query (stored procedure) and upload it using an EPAgent.

    Two options are for this too: to contact Broadcom services or to develop it internally.  third option: a third party ;)



    Harold Martin
    Senior Consultant