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  • 1.  Timesheet-like structure

    Posted Sep 21, 2023 01:13 PM


    I have a request from a client to create a structure in Clarity to capture how many jobs they operate per day, including the type of job they operated and the resource that operated them. The types of jobs are more than one hundred.

    So I think this would be something like timesheets, but with number of jobs instead of time and type of jobs instead of tasks.

    The client also uses timesheets normally.

    I know I can't actually create a custom object like that, but I'm looking for an elegant solution to this.

    I have some ideas, but I'm not sure they would be happy with them.

    My first idea is using timescale attributes - a custom object with a timescale attribute for each type of job. Bad idea :(

    Second idea is using timesheets with some other-work as type of jobs and input time for them instead of number of jobs. It would mess up the timesheet reports.

    Third idea is the same as the second, but using User Value 1. But I can only input it for the whole week.

    Forth idea is creating a custom object with date, resource, type of job and number of jobs. But it would be a bit bothersome for them to fill in.

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you,


  • 2.  RE: Timesheet-like structure

    Posted Sep 25, 2023 09:19 AM


    Where are they going to enter this? Are the type of jobs dependent on the kind of Project resource is allocated to? 

    First, and 3rd option would be a bad idea. 4th Option seems a better one and data entry can be handled with a few auto-populated data set. 

    Also, if different 'Types of Job' can be thought of as a Other work OR a task in separate Project then you can use timesheets wherein the number of hours would denote the number of jobs like you mention in Option 2. 

  • 3.  RE: Timesheet-like structure

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 26, 2023 11:53 AM
    Edited by Kathryn Ellis Sep 26, 2023 11:53 AM

    Hello Marius,

    The only place where you can enter DAILY time-scaled quantities is within a Timesheet (or through financial transactions). 

    I don't see a problem with using Timesheets.

    • You can create a Custom Investment Type (CIT)
    • The people can be staffed to the investment 
    • The Tasks on the CIT can be the Job Name 
    • The people can add the 'job name task' to their timesheet and enter the 'quantity' per day. 
    • You mentioned Reporting, you can also use other time entry properties to remove this information from reporting such as through Charge Codes, Input Type Code or User Value 1 to indicate the quantities are non-time quantities. Or use a property from the CIT such as the type of CIT or OBS to filter it out. 
    • Once the time entries are posted back to the investment, you will have all the 'actuals' for each job by looking at the 'actuals' time-scale by Week, Month, Quarter, or Annual.