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  • 1.  Question on Enterprise Common Services

    Posted 19 days ago
    Found a few documents that explain what Enterprise Common Services are. 

    I still have a few questions related to the services.
    1. What is Enterprise Common Services Store-And-Forward Manager services for?
    2. There is this event in the EventViewer. Though it did not cause any impact to the IDM, I just wanted to know what staging.sfs is and should I check this further?
    Application ERROR(258) Enterprise Common Services RecordNumber : 13xxx25 :SAF_E_1007, Open of file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\Enterprise Common Services\SAF\STAGING.SFS for update failed, error = 13, Permission denied!

  • 2.  RE: Question on Enterprise Common Services

    Posted 14 days ago

    Hi Ain,

    The ECS was used as a bridge between eTrust Admin (aka IM Provisioning Server) and centralize logging solutions offered by CA, back in the Unicenter TNG days.   You can still leverage it within the logging features (checkboxes) in the Provisioning Manager GUI for an endpoint.  

    This legacy code is still available, but most sites will disable startup of these five (5) NT services if running on a Windows Server.

    The SAF file you see mentioned is an internal ECS database file.  

    However, please do NOT remove this component, as some of the shared files are still used by the Provisioning Server.

    If you look on the vApp, you will see a folder /opt/CA/SharedComponents/EnterpriseCommonServices  that has just the shared library files, as well as the ETPKI and a folder that emulate the MS Windows registry for the startup of the Provisioning Server service.

    I have a prior collection (PDF) of notes for provisioning enhancements.   Item #16 has recommendations for ECS.

    09/10/2015  -  Added updated IM performance deck with strategic steps as well.

    Summary from PDF.

    Description: The IM solution provides a centralized log forwarding process for the IMPS tier. This centralized forwarding of log events may be sent via SNMP to a centralized console.

    If no SNMP forwarding is enabled, then the five (5) NT services for this service may be changed from auto-start to manual or disabled. The performance gain is slight, but as this component
    defaults its installation to the primary OS drive "C:\", this will offer relief for OS I/O operations.

    – Update Windows NT services for the five (5) CA Enterprise Common Services used for centralized logging to SNMP consoles. Reset from auto-start to manual or disabled.
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    Alan Baugher