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Portal multi-tenant separate otk databases

  • 1.  Portal multi-tenant separate otk databases

    Posted Sep 20, 2023 08:36 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    I am deploying developer portal with multiple tenants and according to the documentation at

    Portal Multi-Tenancy (

    each tenant should have a separate otk_db as shown in the below image. So the way i understand it is that one otk_db should be created as below

    apim_otk_db (default tenant)

    tenant1_otk_db (first external tenant)

    But in whatever scenario i tried there is always a single otk_db (apim_otk_db) and no separate otk_db per tenant as shown below.I even changed the default tenant name to something else and again a single otk_db is being created only.
    Any feedback on why this is not working as expected would be greatly appreciated.