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non-root deployment of APM Infra Agent with HostMonitoring (sysedge)

  • 1.  non-root deployment of APM Infra Agent with HostMonitoring (sysedge)

    Posted Oct 31, 2023 02:18 PM
    Edited by Alan Baugher Oct 31, 2023 02:29 PM


    This may have some value:

    Update our notes with the current use of DX APM tools and the embedded feature of HostMonitoring via sysedge with non-root ID deployment/access.


    APM offers insight into the JBoss/Wildfly instances of the Symantec Identity Suite Virtual Appliance, including HostMonitoring via sysedge process, even with the 'config' or 'ec2-user' IDs. (non-root).

    We had two (2) challenge(s) to leverage HostMonitoring (sysedge):   

    1. The Amazon Linux 2 OS of the Symantec Identity Suite solution had a null value for the file  /etc/redhat-release.   [not sure why]
    Resolution:  Using strace with sysedge, we were able to isolate this challenge, and populate this file with a string that was accepted by sysedge binary.

    2. The systemd default configuration for sysedge did not leverage the User=non-root-id, as the apmia systemd process did.   After this was corrected, the sysedge process could run with no issues.

    We did a delta compare between sysedge process running as 'root' versus 'non-root', which did not have any major categories that impacted our requirements, to determine if the 'non-root' process were viable for the metrics we would collect.

    Alan Baugher