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Integrating Tibco Business Works (BW) into Automic

  • 1.  Integrating Tibco Business Works (BW) into Automic

    Posted 5 days ago
    We are attempting to integrate Tibco Business Works (BW) into Automic.  We can successfully start a BW process from Automic using a Windows agent but our BW processes are written to run as a service, meaning once started the process never stops.

    This is an issue since the BW process never completes, no downstream/successor jobs can start.  We reached out to the BW vendor for support and didn't get anything useful.

    We are relatively new to utilizing BW so our expertise level is relatively shallow, we are not sure that what we are trying to do is even possible.

    Has anyone had any success integrating BW processes in an Automic WF ?  If so, would you mind sharing how you got the BW process to end successfully after all the BW tasks were completed?

    Thank you,
    Russell Couch