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Find run ID of last run of current task

  • 1.  Find run ID of last run of current task

    Posted Nov 24, 2022 03:23 AM

    This was an interesting problem, so I thought I'd share the solution.

    I needed to find a way in to identify the run ID of the previous run of a running task. I didn't find a way to do this using pure AE scripting, but I did come up with an SQL query that does the trick. This is for Oracle.

    SELECT Prev_AH_Idnr from
    (SELECT AH_Idnr, lead(aH_Idnr,1,0) OVER (ORDER BY AH_TIMESTAMP1 DESC) AS Prev_AH_Idnr
    WHERE AH_Name = (SELECT AH_Name FROM AH WHERE AH_Idnr = ?))
    WHERE AH_Idnr = ?

    Both bind parameters should be set to the same thing: the run ID of the current task. If you use this in an SQLI, you can just insert &$RUNID# in both bind parameter values. Enjoy.