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  • 1.  Cycle reports based on Workdays?

    Posted Aug 08, 2022 02:50 PM
    Hi All,

    We have the standard 5 day work week setup in our Rally Workspace since it was setup many years ago.

    However now we are looking at cycle times and when using the Cycle Time app from the app catalog we are seeing that cycle time is being calculated by only the date from/to and not removing non Workdays.

    Am I missing something? I cant believe that cycle time reporting is only driven by elapsed time only and not working days.


  • 2.  RE: Cycle reports based on Workdays?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 19, 2022 08:31 PM
    Hello WillA,

    First and foremost I have to profess that the tardy reply is on me; we started an internal discussion about this the same day you posted and I took ownership to write the reply. Here is the summary of some internal discussions (based on my understanding). I'd be very interested in any other ideas/feedback to this response etc. to funnel into any enhancements etc.

    • The app named Cycle/Lead Time uses only workdays 
    • Other cycle time apps named: Cycle Time App, Cycle Time Chart, Cycle Time Data uses elapsed time. Note; I'm assuming you are referencing the first app in that list.
    • My understanding has always been Lead Time is total elapsed time and Cycle Time to be calculated differently, however doing some research this does not seem to be consistent across coaches/experts. I read/heard some people talking about Cycle Time as elapsed time the other day and that was not what I understood Cycle Time to be (vs. Lead Time). So, we are embarking on more knowledge of Lead Time as it applies to product dev (not manufacturing) and Cycle Time. Please send any thoughts/advice/preferences through on this thread. That would be super.

    The product team and myself would be curious about any thoughts/ideas on solving for this in a standard or systematized way in the Cycle Time apps or reporting. We have a large focus on the flow analytics - utilizing the historical snapshot data we have, the granularity of that data to help measure in more than just days, maybe hours et - so this is all being slowly released in Rally, take for example the new Cycle Time reports on the native Portfolio Kanban and Team Board pages. 

    Thoughts for your feedback:

    • Would you like the report/app to just have an information icon or badge to inform the user if the report/app uses Cycle Time as elapsed time or workdays? 
    • Would you like the ability to toggle btwn. elapsed time and workdays, and have the Workspace settings govern this vs. specific config settings in the report? 
    I will be sure to keep watching this thread, as product is actively working on the new Cycle Time data/reports in the Portfolio Kanban/Team Board, so it's prime time for sending feedback on the next generation of the Rally Cycle Time reports that are all in the native pages.

    I hope this is a helpful response or the start of a good conversation/collaboration on it.

    I apologize again for the tardy reply.