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  • Important Update on the New Rally UI

    After continued evaluation of feedback from our beta customers and review by our engineering teams we have decided to release the new Rally UI on Thursday, December 12, 2019 for a majority of our customers. While we’re excited that these customers will immediately benefit from the modern user experience and the improvements it brings, we understand that some subscriptions with high degrees of complexity will require additional time to adopt the new user experience. For those customers, the Rally team will continue to work with you on a plan for adoption to ensure that your migration to the modern Rally UI is successful for your organization. 

    As always, your partnership is appreciated.  We remain committed to making sure that we bring all of our customers the best possible experience as we continue to move the Rally platform forward.  Additional communications via in-app notifications and community posts will be forthcoming with additional information and updates. 


    Greg Gould 

    Head of Product, Rally Software

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  • Hello Everyone, I wanted to share the latest update regarding the new Rally UI: What's New & Released: [Screen Real Estate] Update grid styling [Screen Real Estate] Update header styling [Export] Ability to export more columns ...

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  • Hi Sagi, The support case number was  20305718. Rally support team closed it and opened a defect: DE53206. Thanks for your investigations and suggestions! I will try to workaround the issue, as you explained, using the _validFrom/_validTo instead of ...

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  • Posted in: Rally Software

    I like the direction the updated list views are going, but compared to something like the core "Custom List" app there seems to be a lot of inline editing features taken away. for example you can edit just about any field of an item from the "Custom List" ...

  • Posted in: Rally Software

    Disregard. We had a cross-linked feature in two separate target projects.

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