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  • Adding this in the Discussion area to create quick link to the  Clarity PPM Demo Series document. ------------------------------ Chris Hackett Community Manager, Broadcom Enterprise Software Division Broadcom Inc. ------------------------------

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  • Hello Everyone,      I am starting this thread for the Community Sandbox.  I will be updating the thread tonight to include the guidelines and the process for getting access.      Since the community site has been migrated and members of the old community ...

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  • So here we have our first reader comment (RC) based post. In response to my post about product managers, James Ifill asked several good questions, which I'll address in separate posts over time. The one I'm focused on here is: " Is there a direct 1-1 ...

  • When making a significant change like transitioning from projects to products, it only makes sense that you might rethink how you are organized. As an organization that is confident about the success we've seen in completing our agile transformation ...