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  • Welcome to the Clarity SaaS transition Blog series. This blog series provides customers updates regarding the Clarity SaaS transition to the Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP).   As you may know,  is Broadcom began the SaaS transition activity in March. ...

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  • Adding this in the Discussion area to create quick link to the  Clarity PPM Demo Series document. ------------------------------ Chris Hackett Community Manager, Broadcom Enterprise Software Division Broadcom Inc. ------------------------------

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    Hi, I'm using XOG in a gel script for creating a new task. I was expecting to be able to setup the cost type of the task by adding costType="OPERATING"  in the Task attribute but I didn't work. It's strange because it's a value that is returned when ...

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    I have added a multi valued lookup attribute to project object wherein I can select multiple resources in it.   I am able to add to query to display values , but am stuck in adding filter to that attribute in a portlet.   Here is ...

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  • Helping Broadcom customers getting back to business quickly and safely, Clarity product manager, Brian Nathanson, shares his ideas on how to prepare for Day One of the post-Covid world in this  blog  and  webcast . Clarity solutions consultant, Lisamarie ...

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  • As artificial intelligence replaces a variety of business workers, we sat down with the last project manager to talk about the end of an (human) era and how AI is making businesses more people friendly. The following excerpt is edited for length and ...

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