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  • The Next Identity Security User Group is on November 18th!

    Be sure to register today for the next Identity Security Virtual User Group meeting on November 18! After the keynote session, Our Cloud Native Journey, we’ll have three breakout sessions to choose from: Identity and Access Management, API Management, Privileged Access Management.


    Make sure you sign up today!

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  • Hi As part of our continued effort to support industry standards, We are please to invite you to our newest BETA program where you will be able to configure Symantec Identity Manager and Identity Portal to support native federation SSO protocols without ...

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  • Nope, still an open case with Broadcom. Regards Garima

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  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    I have an IM environment with provisioning and Active Direcory endpoints. On the UserStore I have a multivalue attribute (imAO) which contains strings. The requirement is that the users in AD belong to the PPP_xxxx groups where xxxx are the values ...

  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    Hi, I developed a license count for a system via Identity Portal, however if a user who requested access and during approval ended the license, the manager or approver cannot reject the request, as I could not differentiate between the reject and approve ...

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