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  • Hi Thai, We can check the mail server logs to see if there are any clues there. Can you share the email address? I think you can reply privately from here like this:

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  • We're trying to implement a chatbot, using email of a 365 shared mailbox. The email works normally when we send test emails to it, but it never receives any email from Flowdock when I send message to this user, try "Forgot password" option, etc. What ...

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  • If you are one among many other users like me, who are never in the habit of closing Flows/ 1-1s and have a laundry list of Flows/ 1-1s always open And you always find it hard to get to the right flow/ 1-1 of your choice quickly and end ...

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  • PagerDuty recently announced in a post that V1 API that we we use for Flowdock + PagerDuty integration is planned to be decommissioned on 19th Oct'2018. So we proactively worked with PagerDuty and have updated our integration to work with V2 API. ...

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