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Tech Tip - Disable Enterprise Common Services (ECS) logging for Identity Manager 

08-17-2015 11:50 AM

On the Identity Manager Provisioning Server is a set of logs located under your Enterprise Common Services (ECS) folder. In the default installation path, the location of the files is "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\Enterprise Common Services\SAF". You may want to disable these logs to save space on your Provisioning Server if you are running low on HDD resources.


To prevent IM from writing to ECS logs, there are several logging locations to check and see if it is enabled, all within the Provisioning Manager.


  1. In the File/Preferences menu, Click the Logging tab. Unselect the "Common Services" checkbox under "Enabled".
  2. Click on System button in the toolbar, then click Global Properties. Do the same on it's Logging tab.
  3. For each endpoint that has been acquired in Identity Manager, go to it's logging page and do the same.


You do not need to restart any processes after making these changes. Once the steps have been completed, check on the SAF folder to see if the updates have stopped. You may not be able to delete the existing files while your server is still running as it will say that Enterprise Common Services is using the files. However, disabling the logging should prevent the files from growing any larger. If you'd like to delete the logs that are already in the folder, reboot your Provisioning Server and then delete the existing logs.

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