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Tech Tip - CA Privileged Access Manager: Scheduling Database Backup 

09-13-2016 02:13 AM

CA Privileged Access Manager Tech Tip by Vinay Kumar Reddy Karri, Sr.Support Engineer for 9/13/2016


Steps to schedule backup on a remote host:

On the  host to which you need to schedule the backup:

1) Create a user and set a password
      >> useradd bkpuser
      >> passwd bkpuser

2) Create a directory to store the backup
      >> mkdir /bkdir

3) Change the owner of this folder to bkpuser
      >> chown bkpuser:bkupuser bkdir

4) Login to the server as bkpuser and perform the following commands
      >> mkdir ~/.ssh
      >> touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
      >> chmod 700 ~/.ssh
      >> chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


On the PAM Server :

5) Schedule the time

6) Download the dsa key from PAM > config > Database > Schedule Backup > Select Authorization Key > Select dsa.key > Download
7) Update <user>@<server>:/<path> : bkpuser@IP_OR_HOSTNAME:/bkdir


On the host to which you need to schedule the backup :

8) Using any file transfer application > connect to the Linux Host as bkpuser and copy the dsa.key to ~/.ssh/
9) cat ~/.ssh/dsa.key >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


Backup willl be completed at the scheduled time.

In case of any issues, set SSH on the linux host in debug mode and check for errors or Check the PAM session logs.

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10-01-2016 12:53 PM

Hi Vinay,

Can you please help me out how to install and configure CA Controlminder 12.8 on windows and Linux and other stuff



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