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Tech Tips: How to Submit a Request For Enhancement for Service Virtualization - DevTest. 

06-29-2017 11:25 AM

Customers who wish to request a Product Enhancement for CA DevTest Product should do so via CA Communities as described in below.



From a web browser, go to:

1. Log in to the CA DevTest Global User Community. The Log in link is located in the menu bar found in the right portion of the page to the left of the Search box. 

Log in to the CA DevTest Global User Community

A valid login is required to access this site which would be the registered users email address and password.

To Register select the Register Now pushbutton and follow the instructions.  


Log In or Register


2. Once you have logged in, choose the Communities link from the menu bar.

Select Communities from the Menu Bar.png

3. From there, you will be taken to a directory of all of the available CA Communities. Here, you can search for specific communities, or simply type in "DevTest Community"


Search DevTest Community.png 


4. To join DevTest Community, click on the gear symbol and select "Follow".  

Follow DevTest Community.png


5. Once you have logged into the DevTest Community, choose Actions dropdown listbox and choose Idea.

Action Idea


6. A "CREATE A NEW IDEA" page will be open. 

. Give a title to your idea.  Make it descriptive as to what the enhancement is.

. In the body, give as much information as you can as to what the enhancement entails and why the enhancement is important to your company.

. If you would like your idea visible to everyone in the DevTest community, choose The CA Communities Community radio button.

. Enter a Tag that will facilitate keyword search.  

. Under Categories, choose the checkbox by the product this enhancement is for - CA Service Virtualization.

. In the Advanced options, you can add authors to your idea. The authors will be notified of any updates.

. Choose the CREATE IDEA pushbutton to submit your idea.

Create Your Idea page

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