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SOI Tech Tips: How can I add the user attribute values of UIM Alarms, user_tag1 and user_tag2 to SOI Alerts. 

05-10-2016 07:56 AM

This attributes can be added to the UIM Connector Policy as follows:


1. create a backup copy of \CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<servername>_CatalystConnector\modules\policy\nimsoftconnector_policy.xml

    outside of the folder \CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<servername>_CatalystConnector\modules\policy\


2. edit \CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<servername>_CatalystConnector\modules\policy\nimsoftconnector_policy.xml


3. locate the Event Class Alert:


<!-- ======Event Class====== -->

    <EventClass name='Alert'>




4.  Add the following Format Block at the bottom of the Format Section:



  <Field output='userAttribute1' format='{0}' input='user_tag1' />

  <Field output='userAttribute2' format='{0}' input='user_tag2' />


5. save the modification and recycle the CA Catalyst Container Service.


6. To make the userAttribute1 and userAttribute2 visible in the SOI Console, right click to a header column in the Alert Queues window and select "User Attribute (1)"  and           "User Attribute (2)" and click Ok. You will now have the two additional columns with the user_tag1 and user_tag2 values from UIM.


Example "Event Class Alert":



<!-- ======Event Class====== -->

    <EventClass name='Alert'>



            <Field input="prid" pattern="logmon" output="eventtype" outval="Logmon_Alert" />





            <Field output='Severity' outputtype='ref' type='map' input='level'>

                <mapentry mapin='5' mapout='Critical' />

                <mapentry mapin='4' mapout='Major' />

                <mapentry mapin='3' mapout='Minor' />

                <mapentry mapin='2' mapout='Minor' />

                <mapentry mapin='1' mapout='Informational' />

                <mapentry mapin='0' mapout='Normal' />

                <mapentry mapin='.*' mapout='Unknown' />


            <Field output='AlertType' outputtype='ref' type='map' input='severity'>

                <mapentry mapin='.*' mapout='Risk-Fault' />





            <!-- Non-Correlatable properties -->

            <Field output="ClassName" format="Alert" input="" />

            <Field output='CAProductIdentifier' format='00050' input='' />

            <Field output='MdrProduct' format='CA:{0}' input='CAProductIdentifier' />

            <Field output='MdrElementID' format='{0}' input='nimid' />

            <Field output='AlertedMdrElementID' format='{0}' input='ci_id' />

            <Field conditional='nimts' output='OccurrenceTimestamp' format='{0}' input='{xsdateTime(nimts)}' />

            <Field conditional='arrival' output='ReportTimestamp' format='{0}' input='{xsdateTime(arrival)}' />

            <Field output='IsClearable' format='true' />

            <Field conditional='assignee' output='usm-core2:AssigneeUserName' format='{0}' input='assignee' />

            <Field conditional='suppcount' output='RepeatCount' format='{0}' input='suppcount' />


            <Field conditional='forceClear' output='ForceClear' format='{0}' input='forceClear' />



            <Field conditional='summary' output='Summary' format='{0}' input='summary' />

            <Field conditional='message' output='Message' format='{0}:{1}' input='prid,message' />


            <!-- The product and instance the alert refers to is the same as for the alert (this SampleConnector instance) -->

            <Field output='AlertedMdrProduct' format='{0}' input='MdrProduct' />

            <Field output='AlertedMdrProdInstance' format='{0}' input='ConnectorConfigMdrProdInstance' />   

            <Field output='userAttribute1' format='{0}' input='user_tag1' />

            <Field output='userAttribute2' format='{0}' input='user_tag2' />




            <Field type='publishcache' properties='*' />



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