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Tech Tip: How to change the hostname and/or IP address of a SpectroSERVER or OneClick server 

11-05-2014 02:30 PM

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This technical tip discusses the procedure for updating the configuration of Spectrum when the IP address and/or hostname of a SpectroSERVER or OneClick server has been changed.




Changing the IP is pretty straight-forward.



After you have changed the IP of your SpectroSERVER or OneClick server machine, make sure the SpectroSERVER and the OneClick server machine(s) can all ping each other by IP.


Likewise, make sure all machines running Spectrum applications and/or integrations can ping the SpectroSERVER(s) and OneClick server(s) by IP, and vice-versa (make sure the servers can ping the machines running the apps). It might help to add the IPs and hostnames to the /etc/hosts files on all SpectroSERVERs and OneClick servers. In Windows, the hosts file is in Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Edits to hosts files take effect immediately. Sometimes it takes DNS servers a while to catch up, and less frequently firewall ACLs need to get updated to let traffic through. In the latter case, the pings might succeed, while a firewall might block TCP. If that's the case, just have the ACLs edited to replace the old IPs with the new ones. See the Distributed SpectroSERVER Administrator Guide for details of the ports Spectrum uses.


Your managed devices will need to have the new SpectroSERVER IPs in their trap server lists, and if it's practical, you could remove the old IPs from those lists. You could accomplish this for the devices supported by the Network Configuration Manager (NCM), via an upload task. See the Network Configuration Manager User Guide for information on upload tasks.


After you change the IP on a SpectroSERVER machine, you need to save, initialize and load the database to stamp it with the new IP.



Regarding hostnames:



With few exceptions, Spectrum servers communicate via SSAPI and Corba. Both of these only use hostnames (not IP addresses). The files that need to be changed are:


On a SpectroSERVER:





















As of Spectrum 10.2 the $SPECROOT/.jcorbarc file is also required to be updated.


On a OneClick server:












Note that if the hostname of the Main Location Server (MLS) is changed, then all SpectroSERVERs and OneClick servers in the distributed environment must be updated.





A script attached to this tech tip will change all of the above files.  It can be run on a SpectroSERVER or a OneClick server (from a bash prompt). CA does not support the script. Before you run the it:



Stop the SpectroSERVER and processd.


Change the hostname on the server.


Reboot the box.


Stop processd (go to /lib/SDPM and execute processd --stop, or you can stop the Spectrum processd service in Windows services)


From a bash shell, execute the Change_Spectrum_Hostname.pl script.


Start processd and the SpectroSERVER or OneClick server.

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07-11-2018 03:22 PM

Please also see the current Knowledge Base article that covers this topic here:




It was recently updated to suggest a reboot of the OneClick web server if on Windows in the event the SS host name and/or IP changes don't appear to be honoroed.

03-07-2016 11:15 AM

I've added a comment that after you change the IP on a SpectroSERVER machine, you need to save, initialize and load the database to stamp it with the new IP.

01-02-2015 06:09 PM

I've edited the script to make it transparent to Windows, Linux and Unix.

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