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06-02-2015 09:49 PM

Parse nested JSON Objects passed in HTTP requests and/or responses and create parameters which CEM can match/record.

Note: HTTP Header "Content-type" must contain the keyword "json" or the plugin will ignore it.

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07-24-2018 02:35 PM

Plugin works well with APM TIM 10.5.x.

09-29-2016 06:16 PM



I used the plug in today in an APM 10.2. I have an application in https TLSv1.0 and could not be able to get the json parameters, so I found this Plug in. 


I uploaded it in the HTTP Analyzer Plug in, and it works, now I can see the Plugin parameters in my recorded Transactions, but not as I espected: 


Plug-in HTTP Response%�|�'���▆��qf▆!...˴��f��u�k�▆�r▆▆�▆▆� .�▆���re��▆�h��PO…


(I erased part of the string, just in case , but the entire string are simbols)


In the TIM log I see this: 


Thu Sep 29 16:14:07 2016  3094   Trace: w2:   Param: PluginResp RespBody ��G����6 N��6M�L٦3�t��p� h s ��5}Oq��;|Y���}޴DP k)� '�7Qa3� ��I
.��N �����R�E \=�Ǔ....
Thu Sep 29 16:14:07 2016  3094   Trace: w2:   Meta: PluginResponse ��G����6 N��6M�L٦3�t��p� h s ��5}Oq��;|Y���}޴DP k)� '�7Qa3� ��I
.��N �����R�E \=�Ǔd> ƓE2 �^Nn��y = I...


I read in the Network tab of the developer tools from the Chrome browser (F12)  and double check the encoding utf-8 of the transaction, so I think this is not the origin of this simbols. 


I can see 3 jar files within the zip file in this thread, should I use all of them like 3 Plugins running at the same time?  I used only the request-response.jar.


Is there a bug on the Plugin? or there are some aditional steps to do? 


Thanks in advance for your help. 


Best Regards. 

08-12-2016 03:29 AM

Hi ,


You will need the plugin for JSON support - it is not native in CEM




08-11-2016 03:42 AM

Hi all,


We want to get transactions from a website based on HTTPS and JSON.

The transactions are discovered correctly, but we are not able to parse the response fields, because they are inside a JSON object. We didnt find support for JSON in CEM, and found little documentation about that.

APM version is 10.1.


So we have downloaded the plugin within this thread, but seems like APM 10.1 should already have support for JSON? Or shall I install the plugin anyway?


According to the instructions within the plugin zip file, there are some prerequisites, qhich I already have checked (libjsig.so was already in the LD_PRELOAD).

Now, if my understanding is correct, our next step would be to add the JAR files in the CEM HTTP Analyzer plugin:



Could you please give us some tips in here? Are we in the right direction?



06-03-2015 10:58 AM

Key points from Readme:

CEM 4.5.6 or higher (not required for version 9.0.5 or higher)

Note: It is recommended in very high load environments that the URL Path filter is used to limit the plugin only to those pages which will contain the JSON posts.

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