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Tech Tip : How to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI 

09-15-2014 12:11 PM

NOTE:  Before editing any files, always make a backup of those files.

Here are the steps to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI.


Spectrum Connector version needs to be at least

On the Spectrum connector system:

1) Stop CA SAM Integration Services

2) Edit \CA\SOI\resources\Configurations\SpectrumIM\AdditionalAttributes.xml

In the <Alarms> section, add this line <Attribute id="0x11fc5" name="Occurrences"/>

like this




    <!-- <Attribute id="0x23000d" name="Location"/> -->



    <!-- <Attribute id="0x11f4f" name="Alarm_Status"/> -->

<Attribute id="0x11fc5" name="Occurrences"/>




Save the file.


3) Edit \CA\SOI\resources\Core\Catalogpolicy\spectrumim_policy.xml

In the <EventClass name="Alert"> section inside <Format>, add this line

<Field conditional='Occurrences' output='userAttribute3' format='{0}' input='Occurrences' />


NOTE: You can assign the Occurrences attribute to any userAttribute(1,2,3,4) that are not

            being use.  In this example, it is being assign to userAttribute3.


<EventClass name="Alert">


                              <Field input="Trouble_Ticket_ID" pattern=".*sdTicketHandle=\'(.*?)\'.*(Request/Incident|Issue) (\d+).*" output="sdTicketHandle,sdType,Incident" />

                              <Field input="Trouble_Ticket_ID" pattern=".*href=\'(.*?)\'.*" output="href" />

                              <Field input="Trouble_Ticket_ID" pattern=".*ticketUrl=\'(.*?)\'.*" output="ticketUrl" />



       <Field output="ClassName" format="Alert" input="" />

                  <Field output="CAProductIdentifier" format="00005" input="" />

                  <Field output="MdrProduct" format="CA:{0}" input="CAProductIdentifier" />

       <!--<Field output="MdrProdInstance" format="Spectrum-{0}" input="domainName" />-->

       <Field conditional='ConnectorConfigMdrProdInstance' output='MdrProdInstance' format='{0}' input='ConnectorConfigMdrProdInstance' />

       <Field output="MdrElementID" format="{0}" input="alarmID" />

       <Field output="IsAcknowledgeable" format="{0}" input="Acknowledgeable" />

       <Field conditional="Creation_Date" output="OccurrenceTimestamp" format="{0}" input="{xsdateTime(Creation_Date)}" />

       <Field conditional="OccurrenceTimestamp" output="ReportTimestamp" format="{0}" input="OccurrenceTimestamp" />

       <Field conditional="severity" output="Severity" format="{0}" input="severity" />

       <Field conditional="causeText" output="Summary" format="{0}" input="causeText" />

       <Field conditional="Summary" output="Message" format="{0}" input="Summary" />

       <Field conditional="eventDetail" output="Message" format="{0}" input="eventDetail" />

       <Field conditional="User_Clearable" output="IsClearable" format="{0}" input="User_Clearable" />

       <Field conditional="Acknowledged" output="IsAcknowledged" format="{0}" input="Acknowledged" />

       <Field conditional="type" output="AlertType" format="{0}" input="type" />

       <Field output="AlertedMdrProduct" format="CA:00005" input="" />

       <Field conditional="MdrProdInstance" output="AlertedMdrProdInstance" format="{0}" input="MdrProdInstance" />

       <Field conditional="Model_Handle" output="AlertedMdrElementID" format="{0}" input="Model_Handle" />

                  <Field conditional="sdTicketHandle" output="RelatedIncident" format="{0},{1}" input="sdTicketHandle,Incident" />             

                  <Field conditional="href" output="RelatedIncidentUrl" format="{0}" input="href" />

                  <Field conditional="ticketUrl" output="RelatedIncidentUrl" format="{0}" input="ticketUrl" />

                  <Field conditional="TroubleShooter" output="AssigneeUserName" format="{0}" input="TroubleShooter" />

                  <Field conditional="alertDiagnosis" output="AlertDiagnosis" format="{0}" input="alertDiagnosis" />

                  <Field conditional="causedByAlerts" output="CausedByAlerts" format="{0}" input="causedByAlerts" />

                  <Field conditional="causedAlerts" output="CausedAlerts" format="{0}" input="causedAlerts" />

                  <Field conditional="isCleared" output="IsCleared" format="{0}" input="isCleared" />

                  <Field conditional='Occurrences' output='userAttribute3' format='{0}' input='Occurrences' />



      <Field type="file" name="Alert.out" properties="*" />

      <Field type="publishcache" properties="ClassName,MdrProduct,MdrProdInstance,MdrElementID,OccurrenceTimestamp,ReportTimestamp,Severity,AlertedItem,Summary,Message,IsClearable,IsAcknowledged,Assignee,AlertType,AlertedMdrProduct,AlertedMdrProdInstance,AlertedMdrElementID,RelatedIncidentUrl,RelatedIncident,IsAcknowledgeable,AlertDiagnosis,CausedByAlerts,CausedAlerts,IsCleared" />





Save the file and restart CA SAM Integration Services.


In the SOI Console,  an alarm will show the Occurrences value in the User Attribute (3) column.

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09-26-2014 04:27 PM

Now finish it off so it can be seen like it is in the Spectrum console

1. ..\CA\SOI\SamUI\webapps\sam\WEB-INF\alarm\config\column-userDefined3-config.xml

2. Copy the file so you have a copy and change the extension of the copy to column-userDefined3-config_xml.orig

3. Edit the column-userDefined3-config.xml

4. Change only one line in the file between the Name tag

from   <name></name>

to: <name>Occurrences</name>

5. Save the file and bounce the windows service CA SAM User Interface Service

6. If you had the console up close it and reopen it

7. Find an alert in the SOI Console and right click on the Column names and select Occurrences from the list.

8. Your done check you work...Please save the xml file you edited to a safe place an upgrade is likely to blow this away!!!!

09-24-2014 09:51 AM

Thanks Kiet, great contribution!

09-17-2014 10:48 AM

I have only got one other custom attribute that I have experimented but until you mentioned it here I had not thought of using that one. Awesome idea!! Just one note to mention here you only get 5 of these to map so use them wisely. I have several enrichments that use the user attributes and this may overwrite one and produce an effect I don't want.

09-16-2014 10:05 AM

Hi Swati,


You can download the latest Spectrum Connector at SAP NetWeaver Portal

You will need to make you are running one of those Spectrum version

Spectrum 9.2.3 H11 with PTF H1104

Spectrum 9.2.3 H12

Spectrum 9.3

Spectrum 9.3 H01

Spectrum 9.4



09-16-2014 09:57 AM


  Thanks for your inputs.

Mine spectrum connector version is

Any patch that you suggest which will upgrade and make it equivalent to .178




09-16-2014 09:45 AM

Hi SM,


That file only exist is you are running Spectrum Connector version or later.

You can check the version you are using by reviewing the \CA\SOI\log\SpectrumIM_Connector_<hostname>.log file.

You will see a line with the info "..........Spectrum UCF Connector , isSystemUp = true"



09-16-2014 03:57 AM

Hi Kiet

    There is no such xml file called AdditionalAttributes.xml file available in suggested path so how to proceed further on this




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