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Configuring SMTP 

12-16-2015 03:00 PM

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CASDM_SMTP_01.jpg1. login CA SDM - Service Desk Manager
CASDM_SMTP_03.jpg2. Administration TAB

3. Options Manager

4. Email


5. to configure your own options required by your mail server



Minimum required: mail_smtp_hosts



Know more:



Email Options


The email interface sends email notifications and lets users create tickets from an email.


mail_from_addressSpecifies the mail notification From: address. The address is in the format Displayname<>.
mail_login_passwordSpecifies the SMTP server login password.
mail_login_useridSpecifies the SMTP server login userid.
mail_max_threadsSpecifies the maximum number of concurrent SMTP connections that can attempt to communicate with the server.
mail_reply_to_addressDefines the reply to address for email notifications. This option is useful if emails are sent from one user account, but you want replies sent to another email address. The default value is the same as the from address.
mail_smtp_domain_nameDefines the domain name of the SMTP server. You can clear the domain name by setting the value to NONE.

Specifies a space-separated list of SMTP server host names for email notifications.

mail_smtp_host_portSpecifies an SMTP port to override the default SMTP port.
mail_smtp_security_levelSpecifies the SMTP security level. Valid settings are: 0=no security, 1=basic authentication, 2=NTLM, 3=MD5 and 4=LOGIN. If you set this option to 1, set the mail_login_password and mail_login_userid options. Most SMTP servers do not require authentication.
mail_smtp_use_tlsSpecifies the Transport Layer Security (TLS) usage in the email. The valid settings are Yes= Use TLS, No=Do not use TLS.

Specifies the path where the trusted certificate has been deployed.

Note: For the advanced availability configuration, you must deploy the trusted certificate on the same location in all the CA SDM servers. CA SDM supports only Base-64 encoded (PEM) format for CA Certificates.



Shows all the recipients of the email notification. For manual email notification, both “To” and “Cc” list recipients are displayed and for automatic email notification, only “To” list recipients are displayed. By default, this option is installed.

Note: Pager email notification method does not support the listing




SupportArmyKnife1.3.jar by Shawn_Walsh


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