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07-23-2015 12:39 PM

The CA Process Automation is a workflow tool, document and automate IT Process and other process


Use the following approach as a starting point for your own process, This article describes the procedure for create a new process and some definitions.

Most organizations operate in silos and the lack of integration between departments and IT systems prevents many processes from being automated. Without automation, companies are burdened with manual, slow and inconsistent processes that take too long and cause service delivery to be delayed.


With CA Process Automation, you can:

• Automate IT processes across functional and technology silos

• Reduce the time it takes to deliver services

• Enforce standards and compliance policies across departments


Process is created for three main reasons—consistency, efficiency, and scalability.


Consistency is valuable simply because it gives for everybody one line, is the difference between failure and success, a consistent theory is one that does not contain a contradiction


Efficiency, a simply definition is "doing the thing right", “What is the best way to do this?” we don’t think through how to do it as quickly or as intelligently as possible. We just do things, but creating a process allows us to slow down, who want this? Contemplate the best way to do something, and carry it out as efficiently as possible.


Scalability is valuable for obvious reasons — how fast your business is growing? You want your business to grow. That happens, you’ll need more process, more employees, more offices.

Creating a mature process for a repetitive tasks eliminates that task’s dependency (specific person)  and opens opportunity for professionals carry important things. In most cases, you’ll still need to hire people with certain skill sets, off course, things change, but creating a mature process we can enable multiple people to accomplish a task in a consistent manner by following a specific set of instructions.


We´ll create a new process and it consists of one or more operators (start, abort, stop - and execution - Content Designer Reference), each operator has your own definition with your dataset and properties



My screenshots was in a Brazilian Portuguese installation.


Open CA Process Automation



Click Create Process


CAPAM_20150722_03.jpgApplication will opens a creator tab

using the operator box on left side screen


get/drag execution script operator and drop bellow at start operator

CAPAM_20150722_07.jpgClick "..." Script

insert your command script, in this case i´m using a script to create a new user windows



net user newusername P@ssword1 /ADD




et user [username [password | *] [options]] [/domain]

         username {password | *} /add [options] [/domain]

         username [/delete] [/domain]

know more about command...

CAPAM_20150722_09.jpgClick OK
CAPAM_20150722_11.jpgadd links, drag and drop
CAPAM_20150722_14.jpgclick save
CAPAM_20150722_15.jpgclick start
CAPAM_20150722_16.jpgClick Yes
CAPAM_20150722_17.jpgYou´ll see your execution process results.




CA IT Process Automation Manager Service Pack 03.0.01

CA WIKI - CA Process Automation 4.2.2…

CA Process Automation Cookbook


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