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Release Automation KB: Delete Artifact Types and Definitions 

01-06-2015 07:58 AM

Upon the release of Release Automation 5.5.1, deployed Artifact Types, Definitions and Versions will be removable from ROC.


In RA 5.5, a user can delete Artifact Types, Definitions and Versions from ROC only if they were not previously deployed.

Once removed, they are archived for reporting purposes, so you can't create new Types, Definitions and Versions with the same name (you will see an error indicating they're archived).


RA 5.0.x is not designed as to allow deletion of Artifact Types and Definitions from ROC at all.

Users of RA 5.0.x can utilize the following method to delete Artifact Types.

Remember: this method only works if the Artifact Types are not associated with any deployed version. If the versions associated were already deployed, there is no way to remove the Artifact Type.



  1. Go to Artifacts >> Artifact Management >> Click on the Artifact Type name >> Click "Edit" (the pencil icon).
  2. Remove all Components and Attributes associated with this Artifact Type (by hovering over them and clicking on the "X").
  3. If the Artifact Type has Definitions, click on them. If there are Versions, click on "X" to delete them. Repeat until you've removed all Artifact Type Versions associated with this Artifact Type.

In the Database

    • The following steps should be carried out with the utmost caution, to prevent the deletion of information you want to retain.
  1. Find the Application ID: SELECT * FROM  applications;
  2. Find all Artifact Types in this Application and note the relevant Artifact Type ID: SELECT * FROM  artifact_type WHERE  applicationid = [application_id]
  3. Find all Definitions in this Artifact Type and note their IDs: SELECT * FROM  artifact_definition WHERE  artifacttype_id = [artifact_type_id];
  4. Delete all Artifact Type Definitions: DELETE FROM artifact_definition WHERE  id = [definition_id];
  5. Delete Artifact Type: DELETE FROM artifact_type WHERE  id = [artifact_type_id];

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03-10-2015 09:48 AM

5.5.1 has no official release date, but we're working towards releasing it approximately 2 months from now.

Correction: the official date is April 21st.

03-10-2015 09:35 AM

It's good to know there is official support for this now. When will 5.5.1 be released?

I figured the db queries as such on a sandbox setup but I dare not access the production db directly for fear of messing things up. I never know what else is affected. Not to mention future versions where my assumptions may no longer hold. I always prefer an official API.

The same issue exists for deleting/archiving/renaming of projects/deployment-plans/deployments.

I mentioned in another thread that I cannot create new tags for the init process until I remove old ones, but these are taken up by older deployment plans (assuming I don't increase the max-process-tags indefinitely).

BTW, I wouldn't mind having archived objects sticking around for reporting/auditing purposes (including tags) as long as this does not interfere with creating new instances.

01-06-2015 10:02 AM

Awesome good to know Beerit, I could have actually used this a month ago thanks.

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