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CA Network Flow Analysis r9.3.0 General Availability 

02-20-2015 04:29 PM

The Infrastructure Management Business Unit is pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of CA Network Flow Analysis r9.3.0.

Please review this document for details of the issue, migration path, and installation steps.  If you have any questions regarding migration path or installation, please contact your local CA Support team.

New Features

Performance Enhancements for Large Scale Deployments

Performance improvements were made for processing Flow Traffic data and synchronizing interfaces between the harvester(s) and the console. Flow Traffic files (FLT) are now processed in a router-oriented way that greatly improves performance. Interface synchronization has also been updated to be router-oriented, thus benefiting from similar performance gains. The combination of the two changes enable large performance gains for calculating enterprise overview data, and keeping interfaces synchronized between harvesters and the console. 

Site to Site Reporting

Site to Site reports enable you to view volumes of data between two or more sites. A site may be defined as a collection of subnets that can also be discontiguous.   Use Site to Site reports to compare bytes in, rate in, bytes out, and rate out between pairs of sites. You can export the displayed data to a file in comma-separated value (CSV) format.

MySQL 5.6 Support

CA Network Flow Analysis 9.3.0 supports updating from MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.6.  New Installs and upgrades result in MySQL 5.6 being installed in the “MySql” directory.   All history will be retained and services will be renamed to “CA MySQL” from “NetQoS MySQL”.


Status Page Improvements

The Active Interfaces: Router Information page and Available Interfaces: Router Information page have the following modifications:


Last Poll is now Flow Status, a status indicator to reflect Netflow collection and not SNMP status:

  • Red: Any enabled interfaces have not had flow for longer than the Interface Data Absence Limit.
  • Yellow: Any enabled interfaces have not had flow between 30 minutes and the Interface Data Absence Limit.
  • Green: All enabled interfaces have had flow in the last 30 minutes.
  • Traffic Status applies to only the router interface and not all interfaces.

IFType Rejection

       CA Network Flow Analysis rejects interfaces at the poller that it should not be receiving NetFlow data from based on ifType. Some devices report thousands of interfaces via SNMP, but NetFlow is only received on a subset of these interfaces. Rejecting interfaces by type is one way CA Network Flow Analysis can reduce the overall number of interfaces stored in the database, in order to focus more on the interfaces that are actually sending NetFlow.


Where to Obtain CA Network Flow Analysis r9.3.0

Electronic Download

You can obtain the CA Network Flow Analysis r9.3.0 and associated release notes from the Products section of the Network Flow Analysis product support page.

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