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Snapshot Tasks for IM 12.6 OOTB Reports (Excluding Audit reports) 

02-15-2016 12:11 PM

As you may or may not know the IM product is released with a set of sample reports. In some cases these sample reports are useful as is and you have no need to change them.

In recent versions a new task for creating snapshots is available. This new task was built to provide a more easy way to define a snapshot rather then editing the snapshot xml's which were used until then.


Important to understand that All snapshot reports (except the User Profile report which is more generic in this sense) are designed to show only fixed data in them. And as snapshot execution can take a lot of resources sometimes, it is important that the snapshots for each report will only bring the data required for that report and nothing more. So expecting that a new attribute will show in the report as result of adding it to the snapshot is indeed a misconception


Working quite often on such cases I hereby created a set of snapshot tasks for each of the snapshot reports that contain only the minimal set of data required for each report.


Steps to install:

1. In immanage console, import the xml provided to your environment (Environment --> Role and Tasks --> Import)

2. Go into your environment and Click Reports --> Snapshot Tasks --> View Snapshot Definition. When clicking search you will find all the imported snapshots for each report with the extension "Task" to it. So for e.g. The older xml type snapshot name is "Account Details Report Snapshot" and the new one imported is called "Account Details Report Snapshot Task". *Review the notes I provided in the Description tab for some of them for furtther understanding.

3. Associate the snapshot tasks to their named reports (admin tasks) as you normally would. Note that this was tested successfully when there is only one Snapshot definition associated with the report task. (e.g Click "Roles and Tasks -> Admin Tasks --> Modify Admin Task --> Find "Account Details Report" and open it --> Tabs (tab) --> Associate Snapshot Definitions --> Add --> Account Details Report Snapshot Task. Save the admin task.



Raviv Dolev

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02-15-2016 01:07 PM

Thanks Raviv, agreed this is a very important clarification. It is highlighting how using a custom snapshot, which additional attributes, does not necessarily mean these will appear in the OOTB, default report - unless this is the User Profile report which accepts additional attributes.

Taking as an example this custom snapshot definition, which selects several additional attributes for the user to be exported

For every user with values in any of the selected attributes, they will appear under the "additional attributes" section in the User Profile report

As highlighted originally, only User Profile report, by default, is able to handle additional attributes - the rest of the OOTB / default report will not display anything other than the report template is configured to show



Rinat Matityahu

Principal Support Engineer

CA Technical Support - EMEA

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