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Logging into CA SAM, the following message is returned 'database is empty!' 

Sep 21, 2015 09:49 AM

Possible causes for this message.

  • The database tables are empty (newly created for an installation and does not contain any tables yet).
  • The CA SAM  application's DB user has no permission to access any tables.
  • The database tables have been erroneously deleted .


• if you just had created the database and want to create a new instance: access the application and choose the appropriate system type you want to be created. The application then creates the database structure and fills the tables with records
• if you already had a running instance and get this error, contact a DBA to check the application user's permissions to access the existing tables
• if you had an existing instance but there are no more tables in the DB you need to have a database backup being recovered by your DBA

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