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Tech Tip - CA Identity Manager: Get the next value in the list 

09-21-2017 02:41 PM



Customer has a Select Box Data with 4 values (agency, agency ID, location and location ID) where the user must select only the first value (agency), and the other values must be automatically filled in. This works fine in IDM if they set the other fields as mandatory but, when running the task in Identity Portal, if the fields are mandatory it demands the user to pass all values (what is not possible because users cannot see the other fields).





1. On Identity Portal, a new Dropdown field was created mapping to a field from IDM;
2. Then the Options were defined for the Dropdown, accordingly to the customer agencies;
3. On IDM, a new Policy Xpress was created under a JSON format, where each value from IdP is an index to find the value of the agency in the JSON. For example: Aracaju agency = value 0 (this way the index is 0 and, when the PX runs, the first value of the list is picked);
4. The PX reads the index and then applies the values to the other fields (Agency name, Agency ID, Location and Location ID).

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09-29-2017 04:09 PM

Thank you for sharing this tip with the community Renato!

Tech Tip - CA Identity Manager: Get the next value in the list 

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