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CA Plex & 2E Office Hours Transcript [Dec. 16th] 

Dec 16, 2015 12:18 PM

Lenn Thompson (CA) :Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining. What questions do you have for the Plex/2E teams this morning?



Lenn Thompson (CA) :Are there any questions for the CA team today?



Rob McBride :Yes.  Can Dan please give an update on the status of the next release or Plex and the changes that are to be included within that release?



Daniel Short :We're planning to have a release to support a new compiler sometime next year.  As always, features, functions, timeframes, etc are subject to change at CA's sole discretion.



Rich Eveland :We are planning on converting  Plex 6.1 to Plex 7.2 next month with all our models;  Are there any updates we need to look at specifically?



Rob McBride :Is the new release still going to be tied to Visual Studio or use MS Build?



Jorge Quincke :Build 26005 for 7.2 was planned to be released at these days I guess. Any news please?



Rob McBride :Hey Rich, if you go with 7.2 you are committing to the incremental release cycle.  r7.2 is not GA as far as I know.  You could just go to r7.1 instead which is GA and continuing to get support.



Vijay :for 7.2 there are no updates required..



Daniel Short :@Jorge-I had really hoped the "final complete" release for 7.2 would have been delivered already.  The code is done, we're just waiting for "approval".  I'll ping our Project Admin and see if I can get an update.



Jorge Quincke :thank you. Can we assume this "final complete" release will be a GA and not an incremental one?



Vijay :regarding to the MS Build with new release, we have not dicided yet... will let you know on this..



Daniel Short :@Jorge-yes



Jorge Quincke :great! Thanks.



Daniel Short :@Jorge-BTW, they're all "GA", it just won't be a PTF.  It will be incorporated into a new build and loaded out



Jorge Quincke :ok, i was confused by the previous message  Rob McBride and wanted your confirmation. It is clear now.



Daniel Short :@Rob-while normally if you went to 7.2 you would be committing to the incremental release cycle, this next release of 7.2 will be "complete" and it will then follow normal maintenance after that.



Rob McBride :Simon never referred to 7.2 as being GA because of the incremental release.  Hence my understanding as 7.2 not being GA until the complete version was released.



Rich Eveland :Thanks Rob!  I assumed 7.2 would be GA next month but we should just go to 7.1



Daniel Short :@everyone-I think at least within the Plex/2E community, there's been some confusion between "GA" and "Complete".  All of the releases publicly available  is a "GA" release.  However, if it isn't a "Complete" release, you will be committing to the Incremental Release Cycle.



Daniel Short :@everyone-GA means General Availability



Rob McBride :@Rich -  what Dan just said is that the next release of 7.2 will be a "Complete" version so there will not be any additional incremental releases for 7.2



Lorenz Alder :@vijay: What do mean by "not decided yet" regarding VS Studio replacement ? Sorry I joined late and cannot see the original question in the chat log...



Rich Eveland :@Rob Thanks for the Clarification!



Rob McBride :@Rich - If you go with 7.1 you will then need to go to 7.2.  If you go with 7.2 now you will have to then update to the complete version of 7.2.  So going to a version of 7 right now, you will have to update twice.  You could wait for the "complete" version to be availalble and just update once.



Jorge Quincke :correct me if I am wrong but was there more than one incremental release for 7.2? I only have seen the first one, but then no further increments. In any case, since a complete release is around the corner, this is now not so important.



Vijay :It is not about VS Studio, it is about MS Build..



Lorenz Alder :@vijay: ok. thanks



Rich Eveland :So when will the "Complete" version of 7.2 be available?



Vijay :sorry, MS Visual Studio...



Lorenz Alder :Are you currently working on the VS Studio replacement ?



Rob McBride :@Jorge - I believe you are correct.  There was a plan for additional incremental releases but I think the demand for an updated for the WinC environment trumped that.



Daniel Short :@Rich-the 7.2 complete release should be available any day now.  Unlike a "normal" incremental release, when we apply the final incremental release, making it a "complete" release, we have additional internal approvals to go through.  They're taking more time than I expected.



Rob McBride :@Dan - Going forward do you plan to use the collaboration group for future releases or has this idea been abandoned entirely?



Daniel Short :@Rob-it certainly hasn't been abandoned, at least for now that's a mainstay of CA, but for this year we arguably haven't had a lot requiring that kind of collaboration.








Rob McBride :@Dan - Understand considering the nature of what was being done for the next release and good to hear that it will still be used going forward.



Lorenz Alder :@vijay: Thanks! Let us know the outcome of the feasability study then.



Vijay :Sure, we will do that soon..



Lenn Thompson (CA) :@Everyone -- any further questions for the team? Did we miss any?



Jorge Quincke :well, i also would like to know whether there are news also on the 2e area?



Daniel Short :@Jorge-we have some plans for 2E, but they're a little off in the distance right now.  Was there something specific you were looking for?  Are you using both Plex and 2E today?



Jorge Quincke :yes we are. We're CA partners in Spain. We have customers for both products, some just one of them, some both.



Daniel Short :@Jorge-ok, thanks.



Jorge Quincke :regarding webservices in 2E, naming of parameters - currently they are not meaningful. Plans to use field names or field texts instead?



Daniel Short :@Jorge-I think I saw that as an Idea.  It will be evaluated with the other Ideas.



Jorge Quincke :ok, thank you Dan

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