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SiteMinder RestAPI Shell Script Framework 

10-07-2019 11:23 AM

To All,

You are invited to help contribute to this effort. Please add your comments/inputs for all to see and discuss. With your participation, I am hoping to have an official github presence for this work in the long run. Attached is a zip file contains the framework as it is. It also contains the .git structure so that you can start forking your own branches as well.

This framework is a SiteMinder implementation based on my article at the API academy site. I am also using it to create another similar framework for "CA Directory."

DevOps: REST API Execution Through Bash Shell Scripting

To get you started, you need to download the jq 1.5 from and store it as jq or jq.exe if it is on Windows platform. If you are on Windows, you also to install the git bundle for Windows at This framework has been tested on both the "Git Bash" of Windows and the common Linux. There is a simple on the home directory once you have unzipped it. The jq or jq.exe is assumed to be on the home directory as well.Then you will need to copy the authn.sample to authn to create your own working copy. You need

  • SiteMinder AdminUI machine name and port number, standard port 8443 but needs not to be. (SiteMinder 12.7 and later)
  • A Legacy SiteMinder ID/Password with appropriate privileges, say ID and Password
    • Gather the output from the following:
      echo -n ID:Password | base64
  • Modify the authn file you created using the three pieces of information gathered above.
  • Run
    to confirm that it is working.

Then you can start exploring. There is an examples subdirectory you can look around. This framework assumes all commands are issued from its home directory. For examples,

bash SmAgentConfigs/

would list out all the existing Agent Config Objects.

It is my sincere hope to see this framework to help your SiteMinder administration work.


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10-07-2019 11:31 AM

To All,

I am scheduled to present a live demo during Layer7 Security & API Management User Group on:

Oct 9 in Plano TX
Oct 30 in Lise IL

Hope to see you there.


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