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Sample ASP.NET web application to print HTTP Request Headers 

12-06-2015 10:44 PM

Requirement :  Deploy a sample ASP.NET web application in IIS 7.x which prints all the HTTP Request Headers.


Pr-requisites :


  • Web Server : IIS 7.x
  • .NET Framework : 4.0 or higher installed
  • Microsoft Web Deploy (msdeploy.exe) is installed.

          Note :

          1. On Windows 2008 R2 , Microsoft Web Deploy is installed when you install IIS and the default installation location is :

              C:\Program Files\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy V3\msdeploy.exe

          2. Microsoft Web Deploy can also be installed standalone :

             Web Deployment Tool Installation


Steps to deploy sample ASP.NET web aapplication :


1. Open IIS Manager (start => run ==> inetmgr.exe)

2. Right Click on Application Pools and Click "Add Application Pool" with the following details :

  •    Name : PrintHeaders
  •    .NET Framework Version : Choose v4.0.x from the drop down
  •    Managed Pipeline Mode : Integrated

3. Right click on the "Default Web Site" and click "Add Application" with the following details :

  •    Alias : PrintHeaders
  •    Application Pool : PrintHeaders
  •    Physical Path : Create new folder "PrintHeaders" under your IIS default website folder and select this folder.


4. Extract Attached "" to a folder.

5. Open a command prompt and "Run as Administrator"

6. CD to the folder extracted in 4.

7. Run following command to deploy "PrintHeaders" web application:

   PrintHeaders.deploy.cmd /Y


   Note : The above switch will deploy the web application in the IIS of the local machine

   Detailed usage :

   PrintHeaders.deploy.cmd [/T|/Y] [/M:ComputerName] [/U:UserName] [/P:Password] [/G:UseTempAgent] [Additional msdeploy.exe flags ...]

   Please refer to : PrintHeaders.deploy-readme.txt for more information.



                         Fig. After running deploy command, the IIS folder should look like above.


How to Test :

Browse http://Hostname.domain/PrintHeaders/


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