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Information on Arcot ID 

Sep 04, 2015 06:36 PM

An ArcotID is a small data file that can reside on the local desktop, or in most cases, can be carried in any memory device, such as a USB memory stick. It resists brute-force attacks by using patented Cryptographic Camouflage key concealment technology to protect a user's digital ID from attackers. Each ArcotID is unique to each end user and cannot be shared.


The ArcotID is equipped to verify identities and prevent attacks through its use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. Each ArcotID contains information about the web domain that issued the specified ArcotID. Therefore, using the ArcotID, A-OK can automatically verify if the site requesting the authentication credentials is in fact the same site that issued them. If the site requesting the credentials did not issue them, then the ArcotID will not sign the challenge, thereby Automatically preventing identity theft and fraud. This multi-factor approach to protecting and verifying user identities is invisible to end users.


Users log in with their familiar credentials, and 'behind the scenes' the strength of PKI-based multi-factor authentication verifies and protects their identity. The ArcotID acts as the second factor ("something you have") for multi-factor authentication. All users have to do is to enter their user name and ArcotID password.


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