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Tech Tips: Report filters do not work from Export Registries to Excel on the Enterprise Dashboard 

11-01-2017 12:08 PM

How to reproduce the issue:


1. Bring up the Enterprise Dashboard URL.
2. Choose a Registry to see the details of.
3. Set a from and to date.
4. Choose Export Registries to Excel.
5. Bring up the Excel spreadsheet.
6. Choose the Registries sheet and you can see the Filter Start and Filter End dates chosen.
7. Choose the sheet with the Registry name you selected, and it is ignoring the filter dates selected.


This is a reported issue in DevTest 9.5.1, but could also be an issue in DevTest 10.0.0 and 10.1.0.


Please open a support case to receive the a patch.


Refer to Defect DE313408 when opening the case.

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