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  • 1.  Tech Tip: CPM Analyzer

    Posted Feb 02, 2018 08:56 AM
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    This windows utility allows the user to select a set of source packages to be cross project merged to

    a target package within the same project and view and produce a what-if analysis report. The cross project

    merge process does not actually occur, instead an analysis based on merge type and placement criteria

    produces a what-if result.


    The benefit is that the user can see if the proposed cross project merge will fail before actually spending

    the time running the CPM process.

    CPMAnalyzer GUI

    Here is an example of a what-if CPM scenario results produced by the CPMAnalyzer.

    In the "Merge Status" field above, the left of the '->' is the source version, the information to the right

    of the '->' is the target version that would be created as the result of an actual CPM process based

    on the merge option and placement option in the above CPM criteria.

    ADDENDUM 05/21/2018 - Do not confuse this stand alone utility with the Workbench integrated Cross Project Merge Analyzer process in V13 IR03. This stand alone windows utility can be used in conjunction, also it will work in previous R12.x series of Harvest.