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Reduce verbose logging for cybspawn?

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  • 1.  Reduce verbose logging for cybspawn?

    Posted 13 days ago

    The cybspawn process seems to be running in debug or detailed logging mode resulting following entries:.

    username 9469 6404 0 10:19:08 ? 0:00 /opt/CA/WA_Agent_R11_3_4/cybspawn.bin 6 /opt/CA/WA_Agent_R11_3_4 20200310 10190819+0000 UX_PXLMGUATUNX03 JavaAgent#tcpip@UAT_SCH 7732.677597_1/WAAE_WF0.1/MAIN RUN . Data(Args="ctree",Command="/apps/application/default/bin\check.ksh") ComponentType(AUTOSYS.APPSRV) Attribute1(Type=AsServers,Value="pxdeuataut01,pxdtuataut02") Attribute2(Type=AsPort,Value=9000) Attribute3(Type=AsToken,Value=D64E6C75A88A8A12393F67A8C310B71E61210331160F5AF02086D01175E01692B76E17ACDCFDB948) Env(AUTOSERV=UAT,AUTO_JOB_NAME="bbb.hip.tams.satprocess.chk.sta",AUTORUN="677597-1",STDERR=>"/tmp/${AUTO_JOB_NAME}.log",STDOUT=>"/tmp/${AUTO_JOB_NAME}.log") User(username) Password() MFUser(username) WOBRequestID(484756F4BEFAE10559DC781BB4B776F1FEA805DE15838355482820) JLErase(TRUE) SpoolErase(TRUE) 3C5C2D36B959FD67F01680EE9048183716C6C5B5 /opt/CA/WA_Agent_R11_3_4/cybAgent.bin 1b4c18 /opt/CA/WA_Agent_R11_3_4/spool UX_PXLMGUATUNX03 7520 /opt/CA/WA_Agent_R11_3_4/security.txt - /usr/bin/sh,/usr/bin/ksh,/bin/csh,/bin/ksh,/bin/sh,/bin/bash - /usr/bin/ksh 256 USER - -

    The extra information is making legacy search criteria fail. Is it possible to customize or disable the additional logging?


  • 2.  RE: Reduce verbose logging for cybspawn?
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    Posted 12 days ago
    That is the normal construct for the cybspawn process/command, at least since 11.3 days.

  • 3.  RE: Reduce verbose logging for cybspawn?

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi Steve,
    The default logging level is set to 5 and that is in the agentparm.txt file on the agent.  The lower the lever the quieter the logs.
    Just remember that if you run into an issue, the reduced logging level may not have enough info to debug quickly.

    Also, when you say the extra information is making legacy searching criteria fail, what do you mean exactly?  If you were using the older R11 autosys agents, the messages will be different anyway, no matter the log level.  This may be a case where the search needs to be updated.