Automic Workload Automation

  • 1.  Issue with some AA utilities on RHEL8.x

    Posted 10-23-2021 11:52 PM
    Dear All,

    When we run some of the utilities on RHEL 8.x, that launch additional pop-up from top menu, it hangs. For example in case of ucybdbun, as soon as we opt File --> Exit, it hangs. Then only by killing the process in the background are we able to come out.

    This is happening for all utilities that have additional pop-up from their top menu like ucybdbrr, ucybdbre etc.

    But no such issues with ucydbdcc or ucybdbld. The actions on main page or tabs work and we are able exit by clicking on Close or the x buttons.

    This issue is seen on RHEL 8.x while they work properly RHEL 7.x. Any ideas on how to debug or fix this?


  • 2.  RE: Issue with some AA utilities on RHEL8.x

    Posted 10-24-2021 12:20 AM
    Another example:

    Can't do anything within the pop-up.