Clarity Service Management

  • 1.  sla setup

    Posted 01-20-2016 04:02 AM


    Can some one answer my queries on SLA setup.

    1. If the ticket priority is changed from 4 to 3, Here P4 SLA will gets cancelled and P3 sla gets attached.But here sla clock is calculating the time from ticket open date.Is there any solution/alternative that sla clock should calculate from the date when priority is changed.

    2. Lets say for P1 ticket, the response time is 15 mins. here the analyst transferred the ticket to other group after 20 mins. The ticket is violated by first group.Its similar to 1st question.Can we calculate response sla from ticket reassigned date(after 20 mins)?

    3. How can we calculate response and resolution from so and so status.Our requirement is response time has to calculate once the ticket status is changed from "Open" to "Accepted" and resolution sla has to calculate from "ACcepted" to "resolved".