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Attaching DDS User Source to Date Field

  • 1.  Attaching DDS User Source to Date Field

    Posted 02-21-2020 11:20 AM
    Due to the number of conditioned fields we are using DDS Source to control the display attributes of the fields (not enough indicators).

    Normally we don't have any issue with this process, but for the first time we have to condition a date (DT# in our case) field.  We are getting a compile error.  The error seems to be caused by the way 2e generates DDS for date fields.
     *A@L:E HDR:F/SCR FUN:ADTGE1K    TYPE:EDTRCD1 SCR#:2 FMT:DTL ENT:F                  
     * AUD CRT Date                                                                     
    A            Z1CRTDTE      10   H      TEXT('AUD CRT Date')                         
    A                                      DSPATR(&ZDPFIELD14)                  02/21/20
    A            V1CRTDTE       6  0  12107TEXT('Z1CRTDTE : External Image')            
    A                                      EDTWRD('  /  /  ')                           
    A N25                                  OVRDTA                                       

    As you can see the user source is attached to the field Z1CRTDTE which is the field on the screen.  The field is defined as output on the screen but the generator defines it as (H)idden and creates a second field that is formatted for the display.

    So anyone else come across this and if so how did you get around it?


    IT Operations Manager
    Feralloy Corporation