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Site Minder's WAM UI throwing "CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink" error

  • 1.  Site Minder's WAM UI throwing "CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink" error

    Posted 08-30-2012 02:02 PM

    You may encounter a problem with WAM UI that is unable to create site minder domains. The smps and site minder trace files may show the following errors:

    ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Failed to get the DD Reference for an
    Attribute, Attr = CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink, Vendor = CA, Prod = SM,
    Class = Domain]
    ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Failed to set the value for an Attribute,
    Attr = CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink, Vendor = CA, Prod = SM, Class =
    ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Failed Create Operation]
    ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Cannot Process the Request.]

    This situation is peculiar and will happen when using Site Minder 12.5. The policy store extensions of that version were updated. You can check Identity Manager 12.6 configuraiton guide -> page 308:

    Import Data Definitions into the Policy Store
    You can control the access of a user to application functions using SiteMinder policies. The Policy Server installation includes the required data definitions to allow this control. You import the IdmSmObjects.xdd
    file from this location:
    siteminder_home is the Policy Server installation path.

    The new extensions consist of this XDD file and require the creation of the new XPS objects.

    The error above can happen if:
    - Site Minder policy server was extended to support Identity Manager (running the IDM installer on the site minder machine)
    - The IdmSmObjects.xdd was not imported.

    In this situation Site Minder is expecting to find the objects/attributes related to the identity manager in the schema ( such as: Domain.IDMEnvironmentsLink above ) but won't find them and fail on the reference error above.

    Make sure to run this IdmSmObjects.xdd as documented to overcome this error.


    Sagi Gabay
    CA Technologies.

  • 2.  RE: Site Minder's WAM UI throwing "CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink" error

    Posted 05-08-2013 09:10 PM
    Hello Sagi,

    Thank you for your post.

    I am seeing this behavior in a 12.5cr002 environment that has just undergone an upgrade from v6.0sp6.

    I ran the IdmSmObjects.xdd after I ran the SmMaster.xdd and the SPSObjects.xdd (in that order: SmMaster.xdd ,SPSObjects , IdmSmObjects.xdd).

    When I ran both the SPSObjects.xdd, and the IdmSmObjects.xdd; the following message was displayed.

    Loading SPSObjects.xdd, please wait...
    CA_XPS:PROD0001(WARN) : No product library for CA.SPS
    Saving data from SPSObjects.xdd, please wait...
    Save complets. Thank you for waiting

    ...and the same for IdmSMObjects.xdd.

    What does the warining mean?
    When should I have run the IdmSMObjects.xdd?
    Can I run it now?

    Thank you.